[Site Visit] BIG HOMExpo 18-21 May 2017

RenoTalk.my team went to BIG HOMExpo in Bukit Jalil Stadium on Saturday, 20 May 2017 and here is our scoop of the event.

The entrance to the expo has been changed and this time visitors have to enter via Gate F, which is the opposite of the Hockey Stadium. Therefore, visitors driving in from KESAS highway or Endah Parade would need line up to make a right turn into the entrance gate. It would be easier for those coming from TPM or Bukit Jalil direction to turn left into the entrance gate.

There was also a blunder in the signage, where a big signboard pointing to ‘Entrance’ but it was blocked. The actual entrance is a little further up the road. The photo below explains it all.

We went into parking and to our surprise, there is a RM2 parking fee. Not a lot for a parking fee, but if this is an event to get people to come and spend, free parking would attract more visitors. Compared to location such as Mid Valley Convention Centre or KLCC where visitors could go shopping after the event, most visitors came to this location solely for the purpose of the event.

In the expo, everything was as expected as you have pretty standard lineup (similar to last year) of all the home renovation names and suppliers there. We walk around the expo one time and found nothing new that caught our attention. So we left pretty quick.