How to Clean Sticky Residue from Wall

It is a common household problem. After taking out that poster or stick-on hook off the wall, you discovered in horror the sticky stain it left behind.

Let’s face it. Sticky residue left behind by adhesive creates an eyesore on overall look of the wall. And it is a pain to clean. Most homeowners would only think of painting over it again (which does not come cheap, depending on the size of the wall).

Not anymore.

The solution to this sticky problem is a simple one. And it probably cost you 60sen or so. You can find it easily and probably there is one in your kids pencil box. Use a rubber eraser. Yes! Rubber eraser.

Just rub it on the sticky stain on your wall and it just goes off like a pencil mark.

It turns out that those sticky goo binds to the rubber from the eraser, clump together and goes off the wall. The best part is, it will not stain the rest of the wall

Please make sure you are using a rubber-based pencil eraser and not a those sand pen eraser, or else you will be sanding the paint off your wall.