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Round vs Square Downlight
Most new home owners would look for LED downlights for their house lighting. And most would not realize the difference between round and square shaped downlights.

Technically, both types of LED downlights are the same (wattage, colors and brightness - provided the same brand offers both shapes). 

But square LED downlight would require accurate opening of holes on the ceiling or otherwise, slight misalignment would be very visible due to the geometric shape. The side of each downlight would have be fitted in a straight line. Thus, you should ensure you hired an experienced installer to install square downlight. Many of them would use a laser marking or cutting device to do the job.

Round LED downlight on the other hand, does not require such strict alignment between each downlight and some margin of error would not be too visible. Opening hole in the ceiling using hand saw is common and gives decent result.

What's your experience in using round vs square LED downlights?
good good
I think what he was saying was Square Alum. Vs. Round Steel

I think you would have to use such a big size of square to equal the steel that it wouldnt be worth it
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