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Are alkaline water filters necessary?
(23-02-2021, 03:12 PM)amrnaaa Wrote: i think there is out outside the house, the one that connects for the entire house...but i'm looking for one to put on kitchen countertop, for cooking and drinking...something that isn't too bulky bcs I want my kitchen to be spacious
Hurmmm yes true! And the bad thing happend to me is, the filter went missing when me and my parents went out for holidays... So say no to water filter from tap metre haha. I think u need to google it there's a lot of brand that can fits ur countertop but what kind of water filter do u want?

(23-02-2021, 12:42 AM)minarox Wrote: Just use water filter that install to your outside tap metre.... U can filter the whole house.... Trust me it is really worth it to use and buy
Nopeeee it is hard to clean by ourself because as i know, they didnt provide any cleaning services and day by day th filter will get rusty due the weather.

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