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Are alkaline water filters necessary?
I recommend Aqua ionizer deluxe pro alkaline, after drinking alkaline water from this purifier I feel my health is much improved, really like the taste of the water. Easy to install and use.
(19-02-2021, 05:06 PM)amrnaaa Wrote: I'm looking for a decent water filter since moving in to a new house, and i've been seeing alot of alkaline water filters these days selling in the market...was wondering if any of you had purchased one before, and is it really necessary to get one, as opposed to the regular water filters?
Maybe you can try to survey Aqua Kent product? Try to visit their store here as there are many products with good price
also you can check here
I recommend using tankless water purifier. Although a bit pricey, I think its worth it
nowadays there is a lot of good water filter products from commercials. if you want to know the best one you can try to refer to this article

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