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Neighbour renovation noise
hi, recently after MCO, many neighbours started renovating their houses at the same time... the noise is really maddening at times with all the pilling, drilling, hacking - 3 houses at the same time!

i wonder if there's anything we can do to manage the noise as my wife and i are working from home.

there's no crack or anything... also i am not sure if the renovation got majlis approval. but i am more concerned about the noise
Few ways to know if they have got approval from majlis :
1) there should be a approval notice pasted on the front door of the house being renovated
2) some majlis requires owner to get neighbours consent/sign before getting approval (did you sign any consent?)
just an update, the renovation finally finished (after 3 bulan!)

ya, they hv a notice paper pasted at the front glass door..
but no I did not sign any consent, maybe because it is the house next next to my house (if u know what i mean) ie. my immediate neighbor is an empty house
No image exactly, just Im noticing it on all of them. I expect it on the night shots, but not the well exposed or at least I think are well exposed.
Should a camera have check ups?

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