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Filling concrete into a big hole in a countertop

I have a stove that I want to remove from my concrete countertop. If I remove it, there would be a big hole, I think about 3ft x 2ft with less than 6 inches of height. It is far from being a perfect rectangle. The hole goes through from the top to the bottom. There's a two-tier cabinet below it. I hope the picture below says it all:

[Image: 5t9gPu.jpg]

Putting the stove there was a mistake as I have never used it. I want to cover the hole with concrete so that the countertop is flat and tiles can be laid on top of it.

I've searched online but I could't find any answer.

So how do I fill the hole with concrete? Do I need rebar / mesh for the concrete? How does the new concrete stick to the old one?

I'm on a tight budget and I know that this is going to cost hundreds, so appointing someone is not an option.

Thank you.
If you are going to do this as a DIY project, the materials alone may cost you a few hundreds  Rolleyes

Yes, you may cover the hole with rebar, new concrete and new tiles (I see at least 3 pcs from the photo).

> How does the new concrete stick to the old one?
You have to hack/drill several holes (2-3) on each the sides of existing concrete, about 2" deep. These are to fit the rebar where you will arrange in a grid pattern (see picture below).

You will have to take out the cabinet below the hole and cover the bottom of the hole with a temporary plywood. Pour new concrete to fill up the hole, level with cement and fix the new tiles.

I am assuming you have the basic DIY skills eg. preparing the concrete mix, woodworking and tiling  Smile

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