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Need advice for new mattress

I need advice on buying new mattress.. for my master room and kids room. Now considering brands below. Any idea which brand is better and more reliable?
  • Dunlopillo
  • King Koil
  • Getha
Also what differences in functions such as latex, memory foam, coconut fiber, etc.?

Nak tukar dgn bantal busuk sekali Big Grin

Both Dunlopillo and King Koil are good.. I have personally used them before. Choose from the mid range mattresses (~RM2k and above).
Getha I don't know, so can't comment Sleepy
My family`s experience with Getha mattresses is all positive. Our mattress lasted 12 months before the springs started sagging in the middle. Now we are looking for a new one researching We haven't decided on a particular option, but we know for sure we
will NEVER buy an Getha matteress again.
Thanks for the help Braxit.
I think getha is good ??i used it before and it fells good...
thanks..if you want any more question here is my address
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