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Kitchen Cabinet
Didnt know designing a kitchen cabinet is so complicated, so many selections

Type of Cabinet
1) Nyatoh wood
2) plywood
3) melamine
4) aluminium
6) 3G or 4G
7) Acrylic

Table Top
1) solid surface
2) tiles
3) granite
4) quartz

So which is the best value for money combination? Budget wise i believe is solid surface top with melamine cabinet but how durable are them? Some say melamine no good, can only last 3 - 4 years, some say good. Any1 can share?
For modern design, i guess 4G glass is the best, love the glossy finish. I m going for white 4g glass with black quartz top.
[Image: extra_large_5867cd66-0708-4074-a8e9-3fbecffd35b5.JPG]

Most of our customers prefer 4G glass, we do have many other design and different material, feel free to drop by our showroom
nice kitchen design, how much?
To get a well-furnished kitchen, it is always a good option to go with professionals help.
May I know the price range of kitchen table top using granite?
@broomhaylie, anywhere between RM50-100 per sqft depending on the type of stone, thickness, etc. There will be some also charges for installation, opening sink hole, transportation, etc.

If you are in KL area, pm me for a good supplier contact Cool
I like the minimalist design, but there are plans to install a reverse osmosis water filter to produce clean water.
This is the product -->

Do you have experience using water filters? 
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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