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Mattress Buying Guide
Mattresses available on the Malaysia market are commonly made with following material :
  • Bonnell spring - One piece of linked springs over the whole bed. This is the traditional mattress design.
  • Pocketed spring - Multiple individual springs for minimum partner disturbance.
  • Memory foam - Synthetic foam material that returns to its original shape for back support.
  • Natural latex - Made from 100% natural rubber foam (no springs).
In addition to above, the mattress may have combination layers of cooling gel, coconut fiber and additional rubber/memory foam.

There are 4 sizes to choose from :
  • King : 6 feet x 6.5 feet (width x length)
  • Queen : 5 feet x 6.5 feet (width x length)
  • Super Single : 3 feet x 6.5 feet (width x length)
  • Single : 3 feet x 6 feet (width x length)
Mattress height usually starts at 8 inches and thicker ones up to 12 inches.

In Malaysia, mattress warranty offered ranges from 10 to 15 years.

Tip : Match your mattress with your divan to for the right height and size.

Happy shopping!
Additional consideration on bedsheet :

When buying mattress with higher thickness, the bedsheet you choose later must be the right size or it will not be able to cover the whole mattress (ask the mattress sales person for the right bedsheet size, but even if they tell you that you can easily get them at the stores, be aware of the price differences - see below).

Usually, you will find no problem in getting bedsheet for mattress that are 10" or lower.

For mattress thicker than 10", you will need to look for bedsheet with at least 13" (33cm - 40cm) height. There are a few challenges to this :
  1. The price for these bedsheet is usually higher compared to standard ones - as much as 100% higher (last price check in July 2015 at a major departmental store found the price for standard height bedsheet is around RM19x, while for higher than standard height the price is RM38x.
  2. Only a few brands have these sizes and selection (designs and material) may be limited.
However, the reward to this is a bed with just the right height every time you wake up and get down from bed Smile

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