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Tiles Buying Guide
There are in general 3 types of tiles for renovation in Malaysia :
  • Ceramic tiles - These are the traditional white square tiles used in bathrooms and its family. It is usually
  • Porcelain tiles - These are what tiles supplier call 'hard' tiles. They can be used indoor and outdoor. Porcelain tiles have full-bodied (the top of the tile reflects the whole piece design, even inside) and colored-bodied (only the top of the tile is colored with the design) variations.
  • Granite tiles - These are granite stones cut into tile size. They normally cost more than porcelain and ceramic tiles.
(There are mosaic tiles, which is another category altogether)

Depending on the tiles surface, it may be used for walls, floors or both. There are generally rough, matt and glazed (aka. polished) surfaces. Naturally, for floor tiles you would want to choose one with good surface abrasion to prevent slipping.

Common sizes today are (feet x feet) 2' x 2', 2' x 1', 1' x 1' and of course, various other custom sizes.

The same tiles may be graded as 'No. 1' and 'No. 2' tiles. 'No. 1' tiles fit the quality standard in terms of color and size uniformity, whereas 'No. 2' may have slight variation (but still very much usable for renovation). So be aware while shopping when the tiles are seemingly sold at cheaper price.

Tip : Tiles are manufactured in batches and different batches of the same design may vary in terms of color, size, etc. Moreover, production for a series tiles may stop for new series to be manufactured. Always buy extra pieces of tiles for future replacement needs. 

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