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Paradigm l High Performance Audio - Crafted in Canada
Dear all home owners and interior designers,

The Premium Custom Install Speaker. The CI Elite series is Crafted in Canada and has all the technology advantages and grille aesthetics of CI PRO, plus oversized voice coils and X-PAL™ pure aluminum cone technology for the ultimate in sound performance.

"The E5-LCR is a well built, well-engineered loudspeaker that excels with both music and movies. Paradigm’s engineering prowess really shines in the speaker’s ability to effortlessly fill a room with ear-pleasing sound regardless of whether it is music or movies." CEPro Product of The Year 2019

Visit our Showroom at Lot S-207, 2nd Floor, The Gardens Mall to immerse yourself with our range of premium products. Please call us at 012-6462738 to order or make an appointment.

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