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How to choose kitchen Hood, Hob & Oven ?
(06-12-2017, 07:17 PM)Icebomb Wrote: cannot hack, looking for recycle hood. How is Fotile EMS9021r compared to other brands?

For recycle hood, you cant get something with high suction, u need a balance and an optimum suction power. Recycle hood suck in the smoke & oil, filter them and blow back out at the top. So, if the suction power is too strong, there is not enough time for the filters to pick up oil and odor, moreover the strong wind blowing out at the top will blow away the smoke at the bottom as per video demo.

Besides the optimum suction power, u need good filtration system as well. Before u compare spec with other brands, do ask the seller to show u a sample of a charcoal filter, then compare it with FOTILE EMS9021r, definitely the fotile 1 looks better. 

[Image: mesh.jpg]

if you would like to know more, you may read up my blog as well

(06-12-2017, 06:44 AM)Joemax Wrote: saw Livinox in exhibition, it has auto clean and they are giving huge discounts, 50% cheaper than Electrolux. But wife prefer Electrolux . . . . . why should i pay more ? Is Livinox reliable ?

Livinox is OEM brand from china. I doubt the auto clean actually works, i m using an oven at home, even heating up at 250 degree celcius, there is still oil and grease sticking all over the oven. If heat could melt oil, the oil & greasy should be at the bottom of the oven and not all over it.

From what i know, livinox temperature is definitely not more than 70 degree, hence, how could it work>? DO ask them if the hood is still oily inside, do they give warranty n free cleaning Smile
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