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Full Version: Water Heater
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Which brand is good and reliable? Most importantly Energy saving
YOu are looking for instant heater or storage heater?

For instant heaters there are many brands with inverter but actually the inverter is for the pump and not the heater. For example, heater kW consumption is 3.6kW and built in pump consumption is 0.2kW. So 40% saving or 30% saving on electricity is for the pump and not the heater. For example 30% of 0.2kW = 60watt only, very little and might not be true also the figure, could be lesser

FOr storage heater, there are some brands with energy saving such as seers and hydro1 using ceramic heating element.

I am mainly selling Joven & Hydro1 (eco heater)
been using alpha many years no problem, good brand. Joven is also a well known brand i design wise i go for alpha
Ok thanks for the info
saw seers, they claim to be energy saving using dc heater technology.
(11-12-2017, 02:55 PM)Linzy Wrote: [ -> ]saw seers, they claim to be energy saving using dc heater technology.

yup, but they require longer time to heat up. So, if u used up the tank capacity, u nd to wait a longer time for it to reboil. Hydro1 Eco heater with 1.5kW ceramic heating element (similar to seers) heats up as fast as the conventional 3kW copper heating element, hence u get electricity saving and fast heating time
went to a shop selling hydro1 but they say no stock, do u have stock? and how much for eco 30
(15-12-2017, 11:52 PM)Linzy Wrote: [ -> ]went to a shop selling hydro1 but they say no stock, do u have stock? and how much for eco 30

yup i have stock, drop by my shop. we bulk order our stuff to offer low prices
Among storage water heaters Raccold is a trusted brand name Astorage water heater installed in my house in Shimla in 1977 is still giving good service. It was installed in the university accommodation allotted to me in 1977, and worked well in that house till I vacated it in 2003, after my retirement from service. Later it was installed in our new house in 2003, and is still working fine. The only problem I faced with it was with the temperature control being not accessible from outside without removing cover on it, a tedious process. But in the later models the temperature control is located outside and can be easily set. Other storage water heaters may be equally good or even better, but Raccold has been sturdy and reliable companion, and till now did not need any repair. Part if it has to do with quality of water in Shimla, and partly my philosophy of getting things repaired rather than throw them and purchase new one. Several of my friends advised me to buy a new storage water heater for the new house, but I did not want to throw my old unit when it was working fine. I still use a iron (for ironing clothes) which I had purchased in Japan in 1976.
I have been also using Alpha brand from a long time which is much reliable. It is almost ten years to this water heater of mine and I am likely to get it replaced with the new one. As suggested by water heater repair service NJ team when I consulted them in my last water heater repair session, an average lifespan of a water heater is about 10-12 years. So to get the higher efficiency, one must replace the water heater in every ten years. I will surely go with the energy saving equipment this time.
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