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Full Version: Home Water Filter (indoor & outdoor)
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There are so many brands and type of water filters in Malaysia. So which one should we buy?

Outdoor filter, installed near to the water meter to provide clean water for the whole house. There are mainly 3 types of outdoor filters (POE filters)

[Image: QhdGqrX.png?1]
Sand filters are usually big with a diameter of 8 to 10" and some brands do have 12". Sand is the most widely used outdoor filters as it is cheap and with low maintenance cost (Rm 400 for 4 to 5 years). Moderate clean filtration around 5 - 20 micron. THe longer you use and the more you backwash, the filtration quality will drop overtime and hence require replacement and servicing. Popular brands with sand filter such as Waterco, Amway, Kinetico, Alphamax, Puregen and Perfect Steel (the only brand i am selling)

2) Membrane
[Image: fS5j1nU.jpg]

Demand for membrane filters is increasing due to the slim design and ultrafiltration 0.01 micron, making it the cleanest outdoor water filtration system. However, some membrane filters could look very ugly after installation, hence do not be deceived with the display unit, asked the seller to show some photos of the membrane filters after installation. The main disadvantage of membrane filter, is the reduction in water pressure due to the fine 0.01 micron filtration. If your water pressure is 2.5bar or more, you can safely use this without any problem. Brands that are using membrane system are Hydro1, Puregen, Aquarius, NESH, COWAY and MultiPore (the brand that i am selling)

3) Cloth
For Space Saving and less Backwash, you can get cloth type of filter. Either by removing the cloth for cleaning with a high pressure cleaner or by replacing the cartridge. This type is not very popular in malaysia except for Condo with limited space and does not allow  backwash.
Example such as Diamond & 3M AP902 (the brand that i am selling)


Popular brands that you can find in the market such as Panasonic, Cuckoo, Coway, Diamond, Nesh, 3M, Amway, Aquaphor and many more. There are also brands with alkaline water or RO water. SO which 1 should we buy? it is so confusingFirst of all, do not get confused with the info given in catalog and also sweet talk from the salesperson.  Catalogs info and salesperson sometimes do overrate their products, giving wrong info to customers as well. Rule of thumb, asked what is in the filter, what media is used and then compare with other brands. For example, some brands are giving granular carbon but claim that it could kill bacteria or breakdown water molecules for better absorption or even cure cancer. Well, if you google check what granular carbon can do, it is mainly used to filter off chlorine, VOCs, heavy metal and etc, how could it breakdown molecules or even cure cancer, so if you know what is inside the filter and double check with google on what is the media for, you wont get conned?

I am mainly selling AQUAPHOR, it only produces clean water that is all, not RO or Alkaline or hydrogen water. If you would like to know more or have any queries related to other type of water filter, we could discuss in this forum Smile

[Image: sb5GBB8.jpg]
[Image: PDP_eSpring_banner_EN.jpg]

Amway espring is good, been using it and selling it for many years. Certified by NSF over 140 potential health-effect contaminants
wow, amway follow me from lowyat forum to this new forum also Smile
What are the differences between aquaphor and amway? A friend of my wanna sell me amway with special member price of rm 3k++ but i still feel it is kinda pricey. How much is aquaphor?
(08-12-2017, 12:21 AM)Xin99 Wrote: [ -> ]What are the differences between aquaphor and amway? A friend of my wanna sell me amway with special member price of rm 3k++ but i still feel it is kinda pricey. How much is aquaphor?

Aquaphor is RM 1699, i believe the member price is RM 3600 which is quite standard.

Amway mainly using Carbon Block + UV light for their water filtration system

Aquaphor is using Carbon Block with Fibre + Hollow Fibre membrane

Both also high quality filter but maintenance cost & initial pricing wise, Aquaphor is cheaper. Aquaphor does not require electricity and installed under sink for space saving and better design